The 5 Kingdoms in The World of Allundra

Allundra | The Great Blight | The Great Elven Jungles | Polaris | Ravenholt

The World of Allundra: The world is one of magic, with Immortal Elves, monsters of all kinds, Magic Knights & many other Wonders. The Current Age has seen a Decrease in Heroes, People with almost superhuman skills and abilities, as the magic that creates them slowly ebbs. In all five Kingdoms, Warlocks are outlawed, with the penalty of Death for practicing the art of demons. In recent years the Ban on Human and Elves breeding has been lifted. In Ages Past, Half Elf Warlocks have Lead and been largely responsible for the release of Demons into the world, almost leading to its destruction.

Heroes Rise and fall throughout the Ages. The Mightiest of these heroes Find immortality to continue to protect the world throughout. A Heroes job is never done in Allundra with the near constant threat of Evil Warlocks, Demons, and the Armies of Darkness threatening to drag the five kingdoms to their doom.

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