Eladrin wizard with a family legacy to uphold


Kalevi is a young Eladrin from the Elven Jungles. She is 5’6’’, weighing about 140 lbs. Her skin is extremely fair to go along with her light golden hair. She has long pointed ears and opalescent orbs of vibrant blue as eyes. Kalevi tends to wear blues and greens to symbolize her closeness to nature. While Kalevi may not look like someone to fear with her petite stature and innocent appearance, do not let that fool you. If you decide to cross her you will find out just how powerful of a wizard she is. She is good natured and is determined to make a positive impact on the world. Kalevi comes from a long line of heroes and has not fallen short of the family legacy. She became a hero at the young age of only 150 years old and is now coming up on her 300th year of life. She still has a long life to live and awaits evil doers to cross her path so that she may teach them a well-deserved lesson.


Deep within the Elven Jungles lives a family of Eladrin of great power and respect amongst the Elven community. Whenever there was a need for Heroes a member of this graceful family arose to the task. Kalevi is of no exception to this rule. Even her name reflects her destiny; simply translated it means “hero”. She grew up surrounded by powerful and intelligent Eladrin, many of whom made a significant impact on her upbringing. Both of Kalevi’s parents were minor Heroes in during their young adult years. Her mother, Farryn, was a smart, acrobatic, and extremely skilled ranger who took the time to train Kalevi in the artful skill of archery. Her father, Duarte, was a strong, brave, and loyal fighter who took the time to teach his daughter crucial skills for survival.

Kalevi had a very privileged upbringing in the in her town of Eladrin kin. She was a very intelligent young lady and her parents saw the potential in her right away. When she wasn’t busy learning the basics from her loving parents she would often be found in the library. She was extremely skilled in everything she did. It appeared as though everything came naturally to her because she had pure raw talent. Her parents had paid for private tutors to educate her so that she could achieve the knowledge she craved. While, Kalevi loved practicing with her parents and other Eladrin she felt there was something she was missing out on. Archery became a fun hobby of hers and it seemed everyone expected her to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Kalevi did enjoy the fighting style of the ranger and she admired her mother dearly, but felt a burning desire for more. She knew in her heart that there was something greater out there for her. One day while walking through the jungle she came across a group of elves gathered with The Priestess of the Moon. As Kalevi saw these creatures create fire out of nothing and then in a snap make it disappear she knew what was missing in her life. It was then that she recalled the stories of her great great grandfather. Her mother would tell her bedtime stories about a great wizard named Dermot who could make an entire army fall with the blink of an eye. These stories used to make Kalevi restless at night because she would be overcome with excitement and want to act them out. Her mother eventually stopped telling the stories in fear that her daughter would never get enough rest to focus on her studies. Later Kalevi discovered the stories were actually true encounters of her mother’s great grandfather. After seventy years these stories faded from her memory until this precise moment. This was when it clicked in Kalevi’s mind that she wanted to become a wizard.

Kalevi studied with the Elves and The Priestess of the Moon as often as she could without her parents’ knowledge of her new found hobby. She did not want to get their hopes up until she knew she was able to perform the magic she dreamed of as a child. An experienced Elf named Felix saw the potential in Kalevi and took her on as his pupil. Kalevi did everything her mentor told her to do and reveled in his power. The elves showed her how to pull from the energy of the earth to create lights, heat, sound, and shields, move objects with her mind, and protect her loved ones. Although she showed tremendous progress in a short time, these were only minor spells and Kalevi wasn’t showing the true potential Felix knew she had.

One afternoon Felix summoned Kalevi to meet him in a remote spot so he could show her a new very powerful spell. Kalevi could barely contain her enthusiasm as she made her way to the location specified by her mentor. As she wondered what Felix was planning to show her she became aware that she was being watched. Just then a group of lizardmen appeared in front of her. With the blink of an eye she used her Feystep to move out of their vision. As she reappeared behind the group she found another group had made their presence known. Now surrounded by what must have been fifteen lizardmen Kalevi knew she had to do something.

It was then that she drew in all the energy from the earth, sun, and moon she could manage. As she felt a warmth come over her, moving from the soles of her feet up to her fingertips she knew she had finally found her power. She smiled at her enemies as she creating a whirlpool of fire that encompassed the entire group. Not one of her foes was left standing and Kalevi was thrilled to see what she was capable of.
It was then that she heard the familiar voice, “I knew you had great power in you; you just needed a little motivation to bring it to the surface”. Kalevi swiftly turned to see her mentor’s face. “You were behind this?” she said in an exasperated voice. Felix looked her straight in the eye and simply said, “Yes. I wouldn’t have let them harm you, but I knew you wouldn’t need my help. You have proven what I have always known. You are going to make a fantastic wizard. I wish you luck in your endeavors.” Kalevi had a blank expression on her face as she asked, “You sound as if you are saying goodbye”. “It is time we parted ways now. I have taught you what I can and now you must move on to better things. I am eager to see the great things you accomplish with your new found powers. Do come back and visit me one day”. In a flash of light Felix was gone and Kalevi did not know when she would see him again. She felt a new confidence flow over her as she whispered into the empty forest, “Thank you, I will make you proud”.

It was a few days after returning to her home that Kalevi received a very special message. She had been invited to the Floating City of Saphry to study with Lord Wraith himself. It was time to inform her parents of the recent developments in her life. Farryn and Duarte could not have been happier for their daughter. They knew that this was likely to be the last time they see her for many years. They wished her luck and insisted she send them news of her adventures. Duarte looked his young daughter in the face as he spoke, “It is your time now. Make your family proud as you carry on the tradition of making strong heroes. I knew you were destined for greatness”. “Thank you father; I will use what you have taught me to fight the darkness that awaits me”. She then looks to her mother who is holding a small weathered book. As Farryn held the book out in Kalevi’s direction she stated, “This is for you. I hope you find it useful in your endeavors”. This did not look like any book she had ever seen. It was very old and leather-bound. Small drawings were carved in the leather depicting fire, arrows, lightening, and other mystical items. In the center she could just make out a name…Dermot. “Is that what I think it is?” Kalevi asked taken aback. “It was my great grandfather’s original spellbook. I hope it brings you knowledge in your quest”.

As Kalevi gathered up her belongings and prepared to wish her family farewell she couldn’t help but feel as though she was leaving a large part of her heart behind. She had gained so much from her family and community and now it was her turn to give back to them. She looked back on her city and said in a matter of fact tone, “I will be back someday. You will all be in my heart”. Then she was off to master the magic of her wildest dreams. She could see the gryphon in the distance, on its way to transport her to Saphry.


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