Central Kingdom - Allundra

The 5 Kingdoms in The World of Allundra

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Central Kingdom: Allundra

History: 10,000 year ago the kingdom of Allundra was founded after the great demon Wars. For 5,000 Years the kingdoms knew Peace. Then King Bartholomew came to power and tried to hand the kingdom over to the Demons, leading to another Great War. Legendary Heroes rose up to defeat Bartholomew in his hour of Victory. The Leader of the Heroes was a man named Leon the Swordbreaker. Leon ruled the Kingdom for 4,000 year, until a plot to Resurrect Bartholomew was uncovered that again plunged the kingdom into War. During the War, King Leon was assassinated by unknown assailants. After the plot was thwarted by 6 new legendary heroes, King Leon’s Adopted son, Gilead, took the throne. King Gilead and his wife Queen Fiona have ruled for the past 1,000 years.

Locations: Central to the kingdom is the capital and only major city, Allundra. North of the city is many smaller towns and villages along with large areas of farmland. Further north are the high hills leading towards the Mountains of Polaris. The hills are broken by small forests, caves, and ancient ruins. To the East and West of the capital are high plains, more small forests, and ruins. To the south of the capital you will find swamps leading to the rain forests of the Great Elven Jungle. Hovering over the Kingdom is the Floating City of Saphry, home of the college of magic.

Population: All Races that inhabit the world of Allundra can be found in the central Kingdom

Central Kingdom - Allundra

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