Eastern Kingdom - The Great Blighted Lands

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Eastern Kingdom: The Great Blighted lands

History: The Great Blight used to be a Beautiful and vibrant land, until the First Demon war claimed it. Now it is a wasteland, a scar on the land… A Great Blight. Very little grows there, besides vicious and evil monsters. During the Second Demon war and the Resurrection war this is where the armies of destruction launched their campaign from. In times past this was the land that the Kings of Allundra would banish the Half Elves and their families to. Since the Resurrection war the Paladins of Kord have build a mighty Fortress Monastery in the heart of the land. There 600 Warriors Live and fight daily against the evil of the land, to cleanse the stain of the blight and bring new life back.

Locations: Most of the Great Blight is wasteland, and ruins. To the north can be found the Icebreaker Mountains. To the West are the Ruins of the Sword Breaker’s Wall.

Population: Monsters! The Brother Paladins of Kord have recently made this their new home.

Eastern Kingdom - The Great Blighted Lands

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