Northern Kingdom - Polaris

The 5 Kingdoms in The World of Allundra

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Northern Kingdom: Polaris

History: Polaris is the Ancient home of the Dwarves. For thousands of years they have built wondrous fortress in this frozen land of mountains. While the Dwarves built their homes the Tundra Tribes of humans formed a warrior religion around their thunderous god Kord. This religion lead to the creation of the Paladin brotherhood of Kord. The Paladins fight constantly against Frost Giants, Orcs, and other Monsters that inhabited the mountains and Tundra of their home.

The Current line of the Dwarven King is broken with the last King Slad Battlehammer being lost before the start of the second Demon war. His Adopted son King Leon Appointed a Chamberlain to rule until a new king can be selected from the Dwarves. It has been 5,000 years and still the Dwarves are deadlocked. The Deadlock could soon be at an end. A rising young dwarf has recently started to unite the Clans.

Locations: The Capital Polaris is a mighty Dwarven Bastion, home to powerful and wondrous Inventions. Most of the mountains are home to Mines and Dwarven fortresses. To the north is the Great Tundra.

Population: Mostly Dwarves, with a few small human settlements bordering Allundra. The Paladins of Kord Still Maintain Monastery in the mountains bordering the Great Tundra and recruit from the nomadic Tribes that live on the tundra.

Northern Kingdom - Polaris

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