Southern Kingdom - The Great Elven Jungles

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Southern Kingdom: The Great Elven Jungles

History: The Elven Jungle has been the accent home to Elf and Fairy Kind for thousands of years. These Immortal people have lived under the rule of the Priestess of the Moon. Most outsiders are not allowed into the jungle under pain of death, and the elves are quick to enforce this. Only the luckiest of merchants are granted pass to trade in the Heart of the forest, the Capital of the Elven Jungle, and then only if they stay on the Kings Road. In recent years the Elves have pulled further away from the other kingdoms as some mysterious ailment has come unto their lands.

Locations: Most of the Jungle is taken up by trees and the Tree farming Elf and fairy folk. To the East is the Swamp of Lost light, a poisonous and vile place said to be home to Nightmare Unicorns and fallen elves. To the West bordering Ravenholt is the Black Wood. Off the southern coast is the Tortoiseshell Islands.

Population: Elvin and Eladrin. The jungle is also home to numerous Lizardmen tribes.

Southern Kingdom - The Great Elven Jungles

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