Western Kingdom - Ravenholt

The 5 Kingdoms in The World of Allundra

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Western Kingdom: Ravenholt

History: Ravenholt is an old land perpetually shrouded in twilight due to a curse put on the land by the Raven Queen, an Evil Warlock, during the first great demon war. In the last 10,000 years the land and the people have grown darker. Every year more and more of the population is found to have some form of magic powers, and more Tiefling children are born, leading to more brutal witch hunts and witch hunters. The Ravenholt Ruling Family keeps their own retainers of these hunters to enforce the ancient laws of the land regarding the Execution of warlocks.

In the recent years Ravenholt and Allundra have grown more distant as the rulings by King Gilead have come into conflict with the rulers of Ravenholt feelings on their ancient duty. This has lead to a sort of secession, from the unofficial Union between the five kingdoms, by Ravenholt and its people.

Location: Much of Ravenholt is Farmland with a few small towns and one other major town, Midway, close to the border between Allundra and Ravenholt. To the north lie the Raven Queen Mountains, home to Tribes of Kobolds and Miners of the Mining union. In Western Ravenholt can be found the Port of Ravens; the only major trading port with the Lands to the West.

Population: Mostly Human, Some Dragonborn found in the northern part of the kingdom. Tieflings live as a servant class in the Main city.

Western Kingdom - Ravenholt

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