Singing Goblin


Fink is a goblin stable boy, seemingly innocent and uneducated, but with an uncanny power to calm and halt others. The group has already been caught once in his song, but attempts to duplicate it have been unsuccessful. He doesn’t seem to understand the power that he has, or even that he has any. When he sings, it just turns into something else. Fink has shown very uncharacteristic compassion for a goblin by saving and taking care of the human infant he found in the manor before escaping.


Fink was the stable boy of a large manor. One night a terrible noise woke him and he found the small town around the manor on fire and people running around and screaming. Things of nightmare had come and were attacking. His master found him and told him to run. When Fink started to flee something large grabbed him from the sky and flung him through a window into the manor house.

Inside was chaos; the people in the house where fighting for their lives against nightmare creatures. Fink fled further into the house and away from the fighting. He hid in a room that was already dark… that is when he heard the sound of the ’Itle Un. Fink quieted the child by singing the songs that his “friend” taught to him, and they waited in the dark until all was quiet. Afterwards Fink made his way through the now empty manor and town, locating a knife, goat, and some food, and fled the grounds.


Allundra Taldra