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Karn’s appearance like many things about him can be very deceiving, outwardly he appears to be a suave adventurer, great looks save for a minor scar on his right cheek. Karn’s gait and stance appear almost noble although there is something that seems slightly off which most would not pick up on. A “typical human” by most appearances at six foot one, weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds he does not appear particularly muscular, possessing the form or perhaps a monk or an acrobat, faced with him in a fight you would never expect a knockout punch, but his speed and reflexes would be what you’d want to watch out for. He has a short well kept beard that is jet black along with long hair down to his ears. Typically dressed in well cut leather armor, his outward appearance belies his thief tendencies, he strives to establish an outward appearance of perhaps a well off merchant or noble, but as with any thief by trade outward appearances are aways deceiving.

Since the Raven Queen’s curse on Ravenholt, there have been few if any childhoods that had any bright moments. Such was the case of Karn, a series of events occurred to Karn’s family which led to him not having parents at a very young age for reasons that are unknown to him. The reason he was without parents has been either lost to history, or perhaps has been intentionally withheld from him by others. What he’s been able to piece together was that he was approximately three years old when he became without parents. Some kind people initially looked after him, but with him being another mouth to feed and without so much as an ounce of assistance, he quickly wore out his welcome even amongst the kindest people in Ravenholt, for poverty gripped many and another mouth to feed was not something many could bear. Karn eventually found himself on the streets with no one to raise him, and took to thievery initially to get by. At the age of five he was nearly imprisoned before another thief scurried away with him thinking he could be useful for drawing in marks and letting them put their guard down. Karn was fed and taught early on how to not act like another street urchin so that he would attract the attention of wealthy people appearing out of place and merely needing someone to point him in the right direction. During these ruses the other thief would pilfer from these people before they knew what had hit him, and Karn and him would quickly be out of sight before the marks knew what hit them. As he grew older he became more acrobatic and developer greater reflexes and the ability to deceive others, but in nearly all cases he was self centered in his actions save for looking out for the other thief who’d grown quite wealthy from their ruse. Soon they both needed to move onto greater heists, and it was not too long before he drew the attention of Lady Fielding for she realized his trainer was unable to perform the level of heists which he had been without some assistance from a thief clearly beyond his own skill. With this, Lady Fielding sent for him to come to Allundra, where under her tutelage he further developed and honed his abilities as a thief, learning from some of the greatest and further refining his skills and abilities. At the age of eighteen he was sent on a mission, one that would have dire consequences on his life. Lady Fielding sent him on a mission to retrieve a statuette for reasons unknown to him. After moving into the house, he noticed no traps and seemingly nobody remotely near the valued statuette. His instinct seemed to indicate something was wrong but he was on a mission and went for the statuette despite what seemed wrong about the situation. After he had his hands on the statuette, he fell suddenly ill struck down with a terrifying speed he passed out. While passed out, he experienced a vision of seeming divine yet indiscernable origin. The vision brought flashed an account of the misdeeds he had done for the betterment of himself and little to no care toward others, he was to receive a punishment for this that was a fraction of what he had deserved, and that he had a higher calling in life to aid others. He felt strengthened but also somehow maimed. Coming to he realized his handler had watched what happened and had taken him to a local healer, able to awaken him, but also notifying him of a grizley turn of events. Karns blood had turned poisonous from a curse on the statuette whereby whoever picked it up with mal intent would be afflicted by a poisoning of their blood that would quickly kill. As lady Fielding had many threives who had experienced any number of poisons she was able to provide Karn a medicine which would allow him to live normally, but it would require him taking it weekly, and only she would be able to provide it. Karn thus became an even more loyal theif serving Lady Fielding, yet he was struck with a sense of wondering whether he had been set up or not. Over the past two years Karn’s skills as a theif have quickly developed and his abilities within the thrives guild have become well known. Now Lady Fielding has sent him on a mission to deliver a package to two people whose images have been imprinted onto a scroll. He travels by dwarven airship armed with a map, the package , the scroll, and a special compass to find the recipients of the package.



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