The Little Assassin


Mouse is Orin’s adopted daughter. He rescued her during his first visit to Allundra from a former member of the Thieves Guild in Ravenholt that was turning Children into Killers. By the time Mouse was 8 years old she was already an accomplished Rogue and Assassin. One night she failed to kill a noble woman and her infant baby so as punishment her Master slit her throat and was about to throw her off a bridge in Ravenholt before Orin intervened. Orin killed the Man and Healed Mouse but was unable to completely heal all the damage. After that night Orin took the child back to his Island home and Trained her and put a new path before her, a brighter bath then the Dark road she had previously walked.

With Orin’s Return to this World, Mouse has returned also, still in the guise of an 8 year old girl, but much changed from the child who left this place behind.

Mouse’s most striking feature is her Bright Pink Hair that is kept in two pony tails.



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