Tella McNasty

Dragonborn Innkeeper & Closet Magic-Wielder


Tella is something of a oddity in Ravenholt, where outsiders are rare and magic-wielders rarer (and much persecuted). As a massive dragonborn she tends to stand out, or would if she ever left her establishment. Tella owns a bar ( The Dark Queen) passed down to her by her Grandfather, who was a hero long ago. While initially suspicious and cautious, once allied with Vengeance and Al’teen, Tella was a great asset, with much knowledge of the underworkings of Ravenholt. This knowledge, along with a sassy wit and no-nonsense personality, greatly brightened the stay of our heroes in Ravenholt, and they hope to be able to return the favor one day. Tella’s son, Spike, has some affliction that causes him to be undersized, and her greatest hope is to see him one day attend the College of Magic.


Tella McNasty

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